Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just for Christmas you can order a Cookie Tray!

Just for Christmas you can order a Cookie Tray!  Dozens of delicious cookies delivered to you in easy to share boxes!

Two dozen assorted basic cookies in the Me and You Box:

Five dozen assorted basic cookies in the Just Us Tray:

Seven dozen assorted basic cookies and one dozen specialty cookies in the Life of the Party Tray:

A table full of trays... doesn't it look delicious!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cutout Cookies

The traditional cutout cookie never goes out of style. These little beauties are frosted with royal icing, giving this childhood favorite a regal touch.

The best thing about cutout cookies is that they can be made to fit any season or occasion!  Want something special?  Just Ask!

Ingredients: baking powder, butter, egg white powder, eggs, flour, powdered sugar, sugar, vanilla


Cookies aren't just for Christmas, but in an odd sort of way most people look at them that way. Some cookies last all year round -- chocolate chip, oatmeal, snicker-doodles -- but there's a lot to be said for letting the cookie out of the winter and giving them free run of the whole year.

Here's a list of cookies we make, just click on the link for a full description and picture of the cookie!


These traditional butter cookies have a lovely vanilla flavor and a rich buttery texture that is tender crisp.  Simple and unadorned these cookies have more star power than their decorated counterparts.

Don’t let their size fool you, they pack a flavorful punch.

Ingredients:  almond extract, butter, eggs, flour, powdered sugar, salt, vanilla

Southern Shortbread

Made with brown sugar and ground pecans, this shortbread’s unique taste and texture always seem to demand that you “have just one more”. The cookie’s distinct flavor is a perfect match for the semi-sweet chocolate drizzled on top.

Take two, save yourself the trip back…

Ingredients:  brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips, flour, pecans, shortening

Peanut Butter Presses

These wonderful peanut butter cookies may not have the traditions fork ridges, but they have all the peanut butter taste!  They are slightly crispy on the edges and soft in the middle, making for a great combination.

A classic cookie, with a little elegant twist. 

Ingredients:  peanut butter, sugar, brown sugar, packed, butter, shortening, egg, flour, baking soda, salt

Mint Trees

Cool and refreshing aren’t usually words associated with cookies, but they are perfect descriptions of these trees!  Each bite is filled with snappy, minty goodness making for a delightful snack!

Who need an after dinner mint, when you can have these instead?

Ingredients:  butter, cream cheese, egg, flour, peppermint extract, sugar

Little Pohmeier Sandwich Cookies

These bite-sized cookies are made with raspberry jelly sandwiched between two shortbread-type cookies and dusted lightly with sugar. Made small so you can eat two or three without (much) guilt, these little beauties taste as good as they look.

Bite size so you can have two or three… perhaps more.

Ingredients:  butter, flour, ground almonds, raspberry jam, sugar, vanilla

Linzer Sandwich Cookies

These Austrian cookies are traditionally served at Christmas time, but there really is no season for their deliciousness!  Dress up any occasions with these elegant treats.

There’s just something fun about being able to see the filling!

Ingredients:  almonds,, butter, cinnamon, crabapple jelly, egg, flour, salt, sugar, vanilla

Lemon Melt Aways

As the name implies, these cookies melt in your mouth leaving nothing but the wonderful lemon flavor behind.  These unique cookies are great for anytime – either for everyday snacks for special occasions.

Test your willpower – try and eat just one!

Ingredients:  butter, butter, cornstarch, flour, lemon extract, lemon juice, powdered sugar, powdered sugar

Gram's Sugar Cookies

This heritage cookie, handed down from my Grandmother, is a simple sugar cookie that is perfect without any toppings!  Soft and raised, these cookies are a tastefully elegant and are perfect for afternoon snacks.

Not your typical sugar cookie!

Ingredients:  baking powder, baking soda, butter, cream, eggs, flour, lemon juice, sugar, vanilla

Gram's Molasses Cookies

This heritage cookie, handed down from my Grandmother, is eminently dunkable.  A soft cookie is made with mild molasses and cut out with a large circled cutter, making them almost more of a cake than a cookie.

Rich and flavorful, combine it with coffee for a delicious breakfast snack.

Ingredients:  baking powder, baking soda, buttermilk, cinnamon, cloves, flour, molasses, salt, shortening, sugar

Mini-Gingersnap People

A little twist on gingerbread men, these little guys have a touch of vinegar in them to give you a little extra kick. Not to crunchy, with just enough chew to make the experience worthwhile. Gingersnap People are perfectly matched to your morning coffee or glass of milk.

Go ahead, eat their heads first. You know you want to!

Ingredients:  baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, egg, flour, ginger, molasses, salt, shortening, sugar, vinegar

Cream Cheese Stars

Small and tasty treats, Cream Cheese Stars are the perfect “quick bite” cookies. These little delights deliver huge flavor and are a great accompaniment for your afternoon coffee or tea.

Catch a falling star…. and eat it!

Ingredients:  almond extract, baking powder, butter, cream cheese, egg, flour, sugar, vanilla

Chocolate Orange Supremes

These little cookies are a wonderful combination of orange and chocolate – making for an unusual and delightful snack.  Not too hard and not too chewy the texture is as unique as their taste.

The orange in them makes them count as a fruit, no?

Ingredients:  baking soda, butter, egg, flour, milk, orange extract, orange food coloring, salt, semi-sweet chocolate, shortening, sugar, vanilla

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

These dark chocolate beauties pack a huge chocolate flavor in every bite.  These gourmet cookies will dress up any event – and are the perfect cookies to make that late night glass of milk seem like a special occasion.

Dark chocolate in a cookie, the perfect mix!

Ingredients:  baking powder, butter, egg, flour, salt, sugar, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla

Butter Blossoms

With a butter-cookie base and brushed with a tasty lemon frosting, these cookies set a high standard in cut out cookies.  A great, flavorful cookie that dresses up a childhood favorite.

He loves me, he loves me not… who cares when the flowers taste this good?

Ingredients:  butter, baking powder, eggs, flour, lemon juice, milk, powdered sugar, salt, sugar, vanilla

Snow Balls

These tasty little numbers are usually only seen around the holidays but they are too good to relegate to just a month or two out of the year! Compact and beautiful, they are like having a little party every time you eat one.

Doesn't your mouth water just looking at them?  Yum.

Ingredients:  butter, flour, nuts, ground, powdered sugar, vanilla